Interracial Dating

As little as 40 years ago, interracial dating was illegal and viewed very negatively. Sadly, closed minded individuals made interracial dating and marriage very hard for those that fell in love with someone of another race.

Fortunately, interracial dating has progressed quite a bit since that horrible period. There are still groups of people that find biracial relationships distasteful but it really doesn’t make any difference in the long run. People can love and marry whomever they want even though there are still some issues to deal with but you can learn how to have an affair.

One of the biggest obstacles that interracial couples must overcome is family disapproval. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to as people have become more accepting of interracial relationships. However, there’s still the chance that one or both families won’t approve of the relationship. This can be devastating to the couple when it happens as love is something that’s supposed to be wonderful and happy. Of course, they want their families to share in their excitement and happiness. Instead, they feel hurt and alone.

These family members can often be the couples’ grandparents or parents that disapprove because of the era they were raised in. Grandparents, especially, may have been brought up during the years when biracial couples were looked down on. If you’re in this sort of situation, try to remember that you have to live your life no matter what your family thinks.

Should their close mindedness make you too miserable, or if they decide that you must choose between the family and your love, you cannot feel bad if you decide to choose happiness with your partner over the selfishness of your family. They should be supporting you. If they aren’t, you can try family counseling if they’re willing but most people suffering from racism can’t be convinced that they’re wrong.

Something that many interracial couples do is actively seek out the company of other biracial couples or gay/lesbian couples. Many of these couples have also experienced rejection in some form or another and know exactly what you’re going through.  This can help you to relax and have fun while giving you a completely new group of friends to hang out with. This group will welcome you and be happy for you and your relationship.

In fact, if you need it, these new friends can be a huge source of support for you if you must deal with disapproval from your family members or society in general. The more you hang out with other interracial or gay/lesbian couples, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your own relationship and what others say or think just won’t be important to you any longer.

There are even online support groups for interracial couples. This is often a great way to meet other couples near you. Finding one of these support groups and hearing how others handle the different obstacles is a really good way to deal with any problems you might be facing.

While it can be hard to handle the views of ignorant people, you still have to remain strong and live your own life. Since interracial relationships can be difficult due to pressure from other people, there may be various issues to deal with. However, try to live your life and do what makes you happy. You’ll be able to move past any of these problems.

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I Love Him but He’s a Terrible Kisser

Kissing is one of the most intimate things that two people can do with each other. It’s almost as intimate as the act of sex because you’re connected in a truly physical way, especially if you’re using your tongue. When you think about it, you can practically call it Mouth Intercourse. It’s so intimate, in fact, that there are people that will have sex with someone but won’t kiss them unless they’re in love with them.  Anyway, you get the point.

Yes, kissing is a beautiful act. However, there are a significant number of people on the earth that just don’t know how to kiss. This can, many times, be a complete turnoff for some women. They may be very attracted to a man and have all kinds of things in common with him, but the first time they kiss, he slobbers all over her face or sucks at her tongue like a vacuum cleaner. Either way, it’s not conducive to endearing him to her. The only way out of that situation is if the two of them have already formed a bond of some sort so that it’s not imperative that he knows how to kiss well.

If you’re a woman whose partner doesn’t seem to have to slightest idea of how to kiss, there are some ways to handle the situation so that it’s not a total disaster. First of all, though, you need to decide if you care enough about him to make the effort. If everything else about him is perfect, then you may want to try to see what you can do about turning his kissing into something more desirable.

Since men can be rather sensitive about such things as being told that they kiss like a Hoover, you’ll probably need to find a way to show him rather than tell him how you want to be kissed. This doesn’t have to be easier said than done, either. Pick one of those times when you’re sort of just having an impromptu make out session and play with the kissing part. If he tries to dive right in, slow him down by nibbling a bit on his bottom lip. You have to take control of the pace in order to get him to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Now, if he just refuses to follow your lead and keeps diving back in like the slobbering Hoover, you may have to tell him in words that it really turns you on to kiss slowly at first. If you can slow him down, you’re got a great chance of teaching him some new kissing techniques. Granted, he may never turn into the best kisser you’ve ever been with, but if you can get him to try out some of the new things you’re showing him, he’ll at least become more exciting as a kisser. It will also let you know that he’s open to learning new techniques, which can be applied to other parts of your love life. That’s ALWAYS handy information to have.

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How to Tell If He Likes You

Many times, women develop crushes or totally fall in love with their male best friends. Since it’s very possible that your friend adores you on some level, at the same time, he would probably be shocked to find out that you had feelings for him that went beyond those of friendship.

Therefore, it’s better to have an idea of how he really feels for you before professing your undying love for him. There are some simple ways to tell if you should keep quiet and find a real boyfriend or not.  Here are some examples:

  • It’s funny to him every time his parents ask when the two of you are going to start dating for real.
  • He asks you to be his “plus 1” date for a wedding because he can’t find a “real” date to go with him.
  • He tends to come to you for relationship advice.
  • If you go to see a movie together, he likes to keep an empty seat between you so that you’ll both have more space.
  • He asks for your help in editing his profile for an online dating site.
  • He calls you by your last name a lot, just like the buddy you are.
  • When you wear a low cut top, he never even notices your cleavage.
  • He introduces you as his best friend or his sister.
  • He finds one of your girlfriends hot and asks you to set him up with her.
  • His bathroom habits are an open book to you and he doesn’t try to hide anything from you.
  • He’s constantly checking out other girls right in front of you.
  • He makes sure that pictures of the two of you on social networking sites don’t lead to the impression that you’re together.
  • He gets a brand new puppy and honors you by naming it after you.

As you can see, these are pretty obvious ways to tell that he’s not sharing your feelings of a romantic love and a chance of a real relationship. If you’re experiencing any or all of these signs with your guy friend, chances are you won’t be choosing a wedding dress anytime soon. In fact, it’s probably better if you just keep your feelings to yourself and maybe keep your distance from him for a while until you can get control of your feelings.

Now, if you’re looking at this list and thinking that those signs don’t mean anything, that he could still fall in love with you, certainly it can happen. But usually it doesn’t happen off of the big silver screen or one of those chick flick Lifetime movies.

However, if you’re so determined that you won’t know the true answer until you tell him how you feel, go for it. Just be prepared for him to be really uncomfortable and to feel kind of awful yourself. It’s truly better to kind of hint around at things in this situation rather than come fully clean and speaking from the heart. In that way, no one gets embarrassed and your friendship is still intact.

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How to Tell if He’s Mr. Wrong

So much emphasis is made on finding Mr. Right that sometimes it’s hard to see that it’s Mr. Wrong you’re having a drink with. While some of the signs are rather obvious, there are other ones that sort of get bypassed until it’s almost too late. Keep a look out for these signs that he’s Mr. Wrong:

  • He talks about all the strange sex he’s had through the years and then tells you that he’s so happy you live nearby because now the two of you can get together for casual sex. (Seriously?)
  • He mentions during conversation that you look so young, and then quickly follows that with how much he loves young girls. (Should you leave immediately or call the cops?)
  • You’re in bed with an older, European man and having a pretty good time. Suddenly, you realize he’s wearing panties. He might just be kinky or he might be sleazy. (Since it’s hard to tell, you may want to use your intuition.)
  • So you’re out with a guy at a theme park and he wins a huge stuffed animal. You think he should give it to you or to some little kid but he petulantly refuses and carries it around the rest of the day. The stuffed animal has its own seat between you on the plane going home. (What a big baby!)
  • He’s got a low class job that he’s been doing because it’s fun for several years, yet he seems to always have plenty of money. It’s a good chance that he’s doing something shady on the side. (You don’t need to take any chances with this one.)
  • What about the guys that want to control everything you do? For example, he instructs you on the “correct” way to hold your knife and fork while you eat and demands that you start eating “his” way. (Just because he’s from another country doesn’t mean his way is the only way.)
  • On your first date, he takes you to dinner along with his mother. (Sure, a man needs to love his mother, but this feels more like a Mommy’s Boy.)
  • He actually POUTS when he doesn’t get his way. (Do you WANT to be in a relationship with a child?)
  • He makes snide remarks about all of your friends, and he’s not even all that careful about them not hearing him. (He’s already trying to control you by alienating you from your friends. This is sort of scary.)

Some of these are obvious and others aren’t so obvious. That’s why you need to pay close attention in the beginning when you’re dating someone new. If you notice something that seems a bit “off,” don’t assume that it’s nothing and that you’re just overreacting. That’s rarely the case. Keep in mind that when you’re able to spot Mr. Wrong early on, you won’t waste any more time on him when you could be out searching for Mr. Right. Do yourself a favor and don’t let new guys get away with anything that bothers you or makes you unhappy.

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How to Have a Successful Long Term Relationship

A lot of people go into a new dating relationship with the hope that it will become something wonderful and last long term. They may even want it to grow into a marriage where they will start their own family. If you’re someone that’s looking for a long term relationship, there are ways that you can turn this exciting new dating relationship into just that. You just have to know how to go about turning this new relationship into something deeper and more evolved.

First of all, don’t let the excitement and newness of your relationship wear off. You know how exciting everything is when you first start dating someone new. Everything sets off sparks at first: The first time your hands touch, or your first hug, and definitely that first kiss. While you’re most likely simply infatuated with each other during this time, it’s still a white-hot phase during the relationship.  You love being together all the time and you just can’t get enough of each other.

This can be so consuming that it may not be totally healthy and you certainly can’t keep the feeling going like this forever. You would both be like meteors heading toward earth and burning out on the way. However, this is the easy part of relationships. The work comes in when you want to make it last.

Although the first stage of dating is wonderful, the next level can be even better. This is when you know each other better and your connection has solidified into something that’s very meaningful. Now it’s time to see where the relationship will go. Ask each other important questions such as : Do you both want to get married? Do you both want to have kids? Can you agree on where to live? What things do you have in common? These are all the important questions that must be answered before the relationship should go any further. You certainly don’t want to wait until you’re married to find out that you don’t agree on any of those things.

When the questions have been asked and answered, it’s time to start talking about where you want things to go next. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to rush into things. Taking the time to really get to know each other is the best way to ensure that you’re on the right path. There’s a lot to be said for long engagements even when the first thing you may want to do is marry this person. If you’re meant for each other, don’t worry because you’ll still want to get married a year later.

The only thing you need to do once you have found your soul mate is to make sure that the excitement stays in the relationship. Always have time for each other no matter what else is going on in your life. It’s also a great idea to have some time together as an official couple before bringing children into the mix. They’re wonderful little bundles of joy but they can put a huge damper on the romance in your relationship. So go slow and know what the two of you want as a couple.

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The 4 signs that will confirm you are in love with the guy you are dating

Being in love is the best feeling that you can ever experience. It will make you feel that everything is going right. The question is how you determine that you are already in love. Here are the signs that will give you an idea if love is what you are feeling. Check it out and assess what you are feeling.

1. Can’t stop checking the phone

Alright, you are always texting the guy you are interested in. It is a good feeling, but when the time comes that you can no longer refrain yourself from checking your phone even though it is not even ringing or vibrating, it’s already a symptom of being in love.

2. Everything is suddenly a constant reminder of him

If you want to put this sign to the test, try to go out and look around. If everything you see makes you think about him and how good would it be if the two of you are together right now? It’s a bull’s eye! You are already in love. Scratch that. You are already head over heels in love with the guy.

3. Can’t stop talking about him

If your friends are already making fun of you while making a tally sheet on how many time have you mentioned his name, it’s time to accept the fact that your heart already belongs to the guy you keep on talking about. It comes naturally, so no matter how much you try to control yourself, you will just end up talking about him even more.

4. Re-read marathon

Alright, you have nothing left to do. The next thing you know is that you are already re-reading all the text conversation you have. The worst symptom is that you are smiling ear to ear while reading it.

If you are experiencing all these love symptoms, give up because there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from falling deep.

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The 3 effective ways on how a woman can handle relationships maturely

More often than not, when people who are not yet ready to indulge in a relationship cross the line, it creates some problems. A relationship is not something that should be taken lightly. You should never commit if you are not yet ready emotionally and mentally. Here are some ways on how to handle a relationship the right way.

1. No relationship sacrifices

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that both your worlds will just have to revolve around each other. It happens a lot that once someone is committed, friends and family relationships are neglected. A mature individual will see to it that she can balance her time with friends and other peers.

2. Appreciation

It is another thing that people forget the longer they are in the relationship. It’s because they are already comfortable enough so they would assume that it is already given. Women will think that their partners already understand the kind of appreciation she has. It’s wrong. Despite how long the relationship is, it is important that you will still say please and thank you to your partner.

3. Keeping things between the of you

With all the technology around, we all know that there are people who are exposing everything that is happening with them through social media. There is nothing wrong if you want to share the best times you have and the memories you are making. However, misunderstandings and disagreements are something that should not be shared with everyone. It should just be between the two of you.

If you want a relationship to last, it is important that you value the privacy you have. Aside from that, it is essential for women to learn that if they have their point view, it goes the same way for men. Communication is the key so you can handle the relationship in a mature way.

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How to know if your man will never stop loving you?

Alright, ladies, we all understand that even if we are already committed, there are still some questions that will linger in our heads. Here’s an example. We always wonder if our partner right now is someone who is capable of loving us until the end. There are also times when we think that there could be a deadline of until when our man will stay in love with us. The answers won’t be easy because we cannot control what they would think and feel. However, here are some things that will give you an idea if your man is the kind of guy who will not stop loving you. Check it out.

1. The Commitment

Couples do fight, and when that happens, some guys have the tendency to walk away. Their reason is that they just need some air to breath so they can calm down. Men who are devoted to loving you, value the kind of commitment he has in the relationship. They will never walk away in the middle of an argument and most especially, you are never the point of interest even if he has a bad mood.

2. Facing the problem

We all know that problems are there and it is up to us on how can we make things right. The guys who will face all the problems with you are someone who is bound to love you forever. They will talk things out with you with the right approach so you can both sit down and discuss things over.

3. Detailed oriented

You can tell if a guy is someone capable of loving you non-stop if he can think about the things you care about. He will be there to give you a hand with the household chores. Aside from that, he is also the type of guy who thinks about the things you want such as the music, food and other things.

If you are committed right now and can clearly distinguish these traits, put your mind at peace because the man you chose is someone who can keep on loving you until the end.

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