The 4 signs that will confirm you are in love with the guy you are dating

Being in love is the best feeling that you can ever experience. It will make you feel that everything is going right. The question is how you determine that you are already in love. Here are the signs that will give you an idea if love is what you are feeling. Check it out and assess what you are feeling.

1. Can’t stop checking the phone

Alright, you are always texting the guy you are interested in. It is a good feeling, but when the time comes that you can no longer refrain yourself from checking your phone even though it is not even ringing or vibrating, it’s already a symptom of being in love.

2. Everything is suddenly a constant reminder of him

If you want to put this sign to the test, try to go out and look around. If everything you see makes you think about him and how good would it be if the two of you are together right now? It’s a bull’s eye! You are already in love. Scratch that. You are already head over heels in love with the guy.

3. Can’t stop talking about him

If your friends are already making fun of you while making a tally sheet on how many time have you mentioned his name, it’s time to accept the fact that your heart already belongs to the guy you keep on talking about. It comes naturally, so no matter how much you try to control yourself, you will just end up talking about him even more.

4. Re-read marathon

Alright, you have nothing left to do. The next thing you know is that you are already re-reading all the text conversation you have. The worst symptom is that you are smiling ear to ear while reading it.

If you are experiencing all these love symptoms, give up because there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from falling deep.

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