A Sassanid era mosaic excavated at Bishapur . Some mosaics were denuded during the Islamic period. This one is kept at The Louvre.

Traditional image of a Persian woman holding a cup of wine, as depicted at Hasht-behesht palace, Isfahan , 17th century Iran .

 Qajari Persian woman, seen here smoking the traditional Qalyan
19th century

Empress Soraya first queen in the modern Iran on the cover of an Italian magazine  

Empress Farah, the Queen of Iran , and Jacqueline Kennedy.
Shahla Vahabzadeh, Miss Universe 1967, 1st runner up

Elahe Azodi, Miss Universe 1968

Roya Rouhani Moghaddam, Miss Universe 1972, 2nd runner up

Nazanin Afshin Jam in Miss World 2003 contest image obtained from here
Laleh Seddigh (sometimes spelled ' Sadiq') (born 1977 , Iran) is one of the only Iranian women race car drivers, skilled in both circuit and rally driving. The PhD student from Tehran has been called "little Schumacher ", and has been recognized as the best female racer in the country
Shiva Boloorian ( Persian : شیوا بلوریا٠ â€Ž ​, born 5 October 1979 in Tehran) is an Iranian actress and stage director, as well as a TV moderator.
Dr Lily Afshar ( Persian : لیلی اÙشار) is a renowned Iranian American classical guitarist. She is regarded as one of the world's best female classical guitarists.
Catherine Lisa Bell is an actress with Iranian mother  who was the co-star of the hit television show JAG from 1997 to 2005.
Niki Karimi ( Persian : Ù ÛŒÚ ÛŒ Ú Ø±ÛŒÙ…ÛŒ ‎ ​), born on 10 November 1971 in Tehran, is a multi-award winning Iranian actress and movie director.
Laleh Pourkarim (born June 10 , 1982 in Iran) is a Swedish singer-songwriter of Iranian origin. She came to Sweden when she was 12 and went to school in Angered , Gothenburg . She personally produced and wrote her 2005 self-titled debut album, in which she sung in three different languages: English, Swedish and Persian. At the Swedish Grammis Awards for 2005, she received seven nominations and won three: Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, and New Artist of the Year.
Susan Roshan ( Persian: سوز٠ Ø±ÙˆØ´Ù  â€Ž ​) (born September 23 , 1967 in Tehran, Iran ) is a popular Iranian singer.
Aahoo Jahansouzshahi , whose Americanized name is Sarah Shahi (born January 10 , 1980 in Euless, Texas, USA) is an American actress, model and former cheerleader of Iranian descent [1] [3].
Ramona Rina Amiri (born April 16, 1980 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian woman of   Persian heritage [1] [2] who won the Miss World Canada contest in 2005.
Rudi Bakhtiar (born Rudabeh Bakhtiar (in Persian:رودابه بØتیار) on June 21 , 1966 in Fresno, California) is an Iranian-American journalist, working for the Fox News Channel .

Hammasa Kohistani was the first beauty contestant of Muslim origin to be crowned Miss England, at the age of 18, on 3 September 2005. She was crowned following a two-day competition at Liverpool's Olympia Theatre and was chosen from 40 contestants. She attended Lampton School in Hounslow and was said at one point to have been close friends with Aditya Odedra, which most people attribute to her success.



  Anousheh Ansari (Persian: انوشه انصاری‎, born 12 September 1966) is the Iranian-American co-founder and chairman of Prodea Systems, Inc. Her previous business accomplishments include serving as co-founder and CEO of Telecom Technologies, Inc. (TTI). The Ansari family is also the title sponsor of the Ansari X PRIZE. On 18 September 2006, just a few days after her 40th birthday, she became the world's first female space tourist[1], the first female Muslim[2] and first Iranian in space[3].